Mapineq Link: Real-world data for research

We’re excited to unveil our third module featuring cutting-edge geo-located socioeconomic indicators sourced from both commercial and unconventional channels. While the complete report is under embargo, we’re offering you a sneak peek into the concept of real-world data, exploring its potential applications, challenges, limitations, and ethical considerations.

Upcoming event: Unlocking Social Mobility Across Generations. Challenges and Policy Options

Europe risks stagnating social mobility. Despite substantial increases in public spending on education, little has changed in socio-economic outcomes. In our 2nd Mapineq online seminar, we will discuss its causes and consequences for individuals and societies, as well as policy options for the future.

Event review: Mapineq 1st online seminar

The objective of the event was to share methodological advances and perspectives that are being developed in the framework of the project while also dialoguing and learning from practical experience of leading experts. The seminar opened up a space to discuss a variety of topics, examples and recommendations on developments related to administrative register data for the social sciences.