Inequality database

Mapineq compiles, curates, and distributes a unique open-access inequality database

The inequality database includes:

1. Institutional and policy measures about education, family, labour market, social benefits, health, tax related

2. Physical environment such as pollution and green space

3. Innovative socio-economic indicators from commercial and unconventional sources such as house/rental prices and digital access

4. Geo-linked indicators from local to national, across time and birth cohort

5. Key socio-demographic life course measures

6. The possibility to link with micro-level datasets

Mapineq will provide easy access to the inequality database through a visualisation tool


Portrait of Melinda Mills

Melinda Mills

WP1 Lead
University of Oxford; University of Groningen
Portrait of Douglas Leasure

Douglas Leasure

WP1 contributor
University of Oxford

Sander Wagner

WP1 contributor
University of Oxford