Picture of students in a classroom

Are low-SES students more affected by poor air quality?

A new study by Fabrizio Bernardi (UNED*) and Risto Conte (MPIDR**) revealed a harmful impact of air pollution on academic performance, which was more pronounced among low-SES students. Such differentiated effects among students with different socioeconomic backgrounds could lead to increased disparities in educational outcomes later on.

UNED hosted a workshop on geo-spatial data analysis

Risto Conte (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostok) and Douglas Leasure (Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science, Oxford) shared novel ways to estimate population values using geo-located data.

Jani Erola listens to a presentation during the kick-off meeting of the Mapineq project.

We kicked-off the Mapineq project

In our first face-to-face meeting, work package leaders presented their research plans and discussed possible sources for the geo-located indicators needed in the Mapineq inequality database to address the multiple research questions of the project.