Event review: Mapineq 2nd online seminar

The seminar aimed to present evidence and draw policy recommendations from the latest Mapineq research on the pressing issue of social mobility across generations. Together with leading experts in the field, we examined trends in social mobility in Europe, identified root causes and persistent challenges, and explored effective policy interventions at the national and local levels to enhance social mobility.

The hidden talent pool: Empowering low-qualified persons in the EU labour market

The study by Jan Paul Heisig, Carla Hornberg, and Heike Solga highlights that focusing on workplaces and innovative human resource strategies is essential to improving job opportunities for low-qualified workers

Upcoming event: Unlocking Social Mobility Across Generations. Challenges and Policy Options

Europe risks stagnating social mobility. Despite substantial increases in public spending on education, little has changed in socio-economic outcomes. In our 2nd Mapineq online seminar, we will discuss its causes and consequences for individuals and societies, as well as policy options for the future.