The project

Mapping inequalities through the life course

Mapineq is a collaborative effort to respond to the imperative challenge of the European Union for identifying and tackling the main drivers of inequality trends.

Mapineq analyses educational, socioeconomic, and health inequalities, and the interdependence between them across the life time and cohorts.

Latest news:

Upcoming event – Towards a new equality of place: Leveraging geospatial data for policy impact

Register now to join the launch of the Mapineq Link – Interactive Database and Dashboard on 7 October at the WZB in Berlin. This hybrid event will offer both in-person and online participation options.

Mapineq Link: Real-world data for research

We’re excited to unveil our third module featuring cutting-edge geo-located socioeconomic indicators sourced from both commercial and unconventional channels. While the complete report is under embargo, we’re offering you a sneak peek into the concept of real-world data, exploring its potential applications, challenges, limitations, and ethical considerations.

Air pollution affects students’ school performance unequally

A new article from Fabrizio Bernardi and Risto Conte Keivabu investigates the effect of exposure to air pollution (particulate matter PM2.5) at schools on students’ test scores in Italy.

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