Upcoming event: Is it all about developing new skills?

Invitation for the event Is it all about developing new skills? Demographic change and the future of work in Europe on May 30th 2023. Mapineq in collaboration with Population Europe and Förderfonds Wissenschaft Berlin.


Prof. Dr Jani Erola
Professor of Sociology at the University of Turku, director of INVEST Research Flagship Center – “Inequalities, Interventions and a New Welfare State”, and Mapineq Coordinator

Dr Tina Weber
Research Manager at Eurofound’s Employment Unit

Dr Sebastian Königs
Senior Economist at the OECD, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Jobs and Income Division


2023 is the European Year of Skills. Among others, the European Commission aims to showcase opportunities for professional skills development across Europe and to support education-related initiatives, such as adult education. The goal is to help individuals acquire new skills so they can access quality jobs, while also addressing labour market skills shortages, particularly in small and medium enterprises.

In this meeting, we will discuss with leading experts what such skills development can and cannot do to mitigate labour force shortages. How do we prepare for (uncertain) future demands in the labour market while protecting workers and supporting individuals’ choices for their education and skill development? How do we also take population changes and diversity into consideration?

To attend this online event in Zoom, please:

* This event is part of the Tuesday Dialogue Series for an Einstein Center for Population Diversity in Berlin, and it is organised by Population Europe.

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