Mapineq’s Madrid Meeting: Progress Unveiled

By Mijail Figueroa González

Madrid – 15-16 January 2024. The UNED in Madrid, recently played host to the Mapineq Consortium meeting, where 20 participants came together to reflect on the project’s past 15 months. Against the backdrop of a rainy winter day in Madrid, the consortium celebrated its achievements and set the stage for an even more exciting future.

Unveiling Achievements: Jani Erola, the project coordinator, presented Mapineq’s accomplishments, showcasing 13 Deliverables, 5 Milestones, and the successful organization of 2 General Assemblies and General Meetings each in Helsinki and Seili. A high-level policy meeting and a policy brief added to the project’s impact initiatives.

Looking to the Future: The upcoming year promises 16 Deliverables, 3 Milestones, 2 Online Seminars, a High-Level policy meeting, Reality Workshops, Citizen Panels, and a General Meeting in Berlin.

A major announcement from the meeting was the upcoming launch of the interactive Dashboard, providing access to the MapineqLink – a geolocated inequality database. This tool is set to revolutionize our approach to understanding and addressing social inequalities, and it is scheduled for launch in the Autumn 2024. Join our newsletter to stay informed and be part of the launch event.

Beyond formal discussions, the meeting provided ample time during transportation, meals, and breaks for participants to strengthen synergy. These moments sparked insightful conversations, fostering the germination of new research ideas that promise to shape the trajectory of Mapineq’s work.

Post-meeting, the consortium is now ready to prepare a detailed report for the European Commission, showcasing the dedication and progress made during the first 15 months of Mapineq.