Project management and communication

Effective project management and communication is crucial to achieve the objectives of Mapineq

In WP9, we ensure that we maintain an overview of the project, monitor the development of tasks, and keep our funding body informed.

Ensuring quality is a fundamental component of project management. In WP9, we implement the quality assurance procedure agreed upon by all consortium members. All our research outputs undergo an internal double-peer review process before being published on our website.

Excellent internal communication is a key element towards excellent collaboration to achieve the project’s objectives. We make sure to keep the team’s synergy ongoing, throughout an online meeting held every three weeks, and biannual in-person meetings.

Engaging and informative external communication amplifies the project’s impact. We aim to reach our diverse audiences, from fellow researchers and policy makers to the wider public through our website, presence in social media platforms like in Twitter and LinkedIn, and our biannual newsletter. Each message, aligned with our visual identity, is crafted not just to inform but to resonate. Our main objective is for every message we share to enhance team members’ sense of pride and highlight their important role in the project.





Portrait of Mijail Figueroa Gonzalez

Mijail Figueroa González

Project manager
University of Turku