Progress report: impact and dissemination

This report presents a summary of the work conducted at WP8 in the first 14 months of Mapineq. Following the initial plans presented in the project proposal, the work in WP8 started in August 2023. In the four months of activities, WP8 conducted its first stakeholder analysis, organised the first Mapineq High-level Experts Meeting, and prepared the first Policy Brief entitled “Beyond Education and Training – How Can We Adapt to Future Needs of Local Labour Markets?”. Details are presented in this document.

By Daniela Vono de Vilhena.

Strategic Impact Focus: Mapineq’s WP8 maximizes impact via targeted publications and events. Stakeholder and policy analyses are a key step to reach relevant audiences.

Inclusive Dialogue: The online High-level Policy Meeting in September 2023 gathered diverse experts to confidentially discuss labor shortages, emphasizing education and labor market policies.

Effective Knowledge Transfer: Mapineq ensures impactful knowledge transfer by summarizing dialogue, evidence, and policy recommendations in a widely disseminated Policy Brief, aligning with the EU agenda.